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Asian American Studies Department, UC DAVIS

 Welcome to the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies (BCFS), hosted by the UC Davis Asian American Studies Department, under the directorship of Dr. Robyn Magalit Rodriguez. Although the physical center is still being set up, our digital archive is up and running and can be accessed at https://welgadigitalarchive.omeka.net. BCFS draws its mission from the life’s work of Carlos Bulosan, worker, writer and activist. BCFS produces, preserves and disseminates knowledge about the Filipino experience in the United States and the broader diaspora. BCFS research and education programs are driven by its close partnerships with community-based organizations and particularly focuses on the most marginalized, underserved, and vulnerable populations in the Filipino community. Contact us at TheBulosanCenter@gmail.com if you would like to know more!

Welcome to BCFS.

The BCFS has been created through the grassroots efforts of the Asian American Studies Department, the Filipinx community at UC Davis, and allies to our cause. If you would like to be an integral player in the development of BCFS, please donate to our cause!

The Bulosan Center for Filipinos Studies supports UC Davis scholars researching on and teaching about the Filipino experience in the United States, abroad and in the Philippines.

BCFS advances the production and dissemination of knowledge about the Filipino experience in the United States and the broader diaspora by creating a community of support for Filipino Studies scholars, researchers and educators . Its programs are driven by close collaboration with community-based organizations. The BCFS is especially focused on addressing the experiences of the most marginalized, underserved and vulnerable groups in the Filipino community.

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