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The BCFS supports Filipino Studies research by advancing the work of affiliated faculty, doctoral students, and undergraduates at UC Davis as well as scholars of Filipino Studies more broadly. Currently, the BCFS, in close collaboration with community-based organizations and a group of Filipino Scholars from across the country, is developing a National Survey of Filipinx and Filipinx American Health and Well-Being. Because BCFS is inspired by the work of writer, migrant workers and activist Carlos Bulosan, much of the research being done by the UC Davis affiliated researchers focuses on the histories and experiences of the most marginalized, underserved and vulnerable members of the Filipino community including farmworkers, trafficking victims, and the undocumented. BCFS also plans to support Filipino Studies research through bibliographic compilation of studies, reports, essays, and publications pertaining to the broad aspects of Filipino & Filipino American historical and contemporary issues.


​ BCFS hosts a yearly Filipino Studies research conference for student and community scholars as well as tenure-track faculty members.

To view past bibliographic works conducted by the Welga Project, please click the following link: https://welgadigitalarchive.omeka.net



Created during the Welga Project phase, the Welga Filipino American Archive and Repository (Welga Digital Archive) will function as the BCFS’ informational repository. The digital archive is online and completely free for researchers. Currently, the collections primarily consists of Filipino American labor history. Its incorporation into the BCFS will broadly expand the scope to include research material pertaining to the Filipino American Experience, ranging from topics such as immigration, culture, historic buildings and neighborhoods, veterans, and the workforce. 

To view the Welga Digital Archive, please click the following link



The BCFS is planning the Preserving California’s Historic Filipino American Sitesoral history project. Through this oral history initiative, these interviews will be conducted to chronicle the historic preservation movement of the Filipino American community, along with documenting the successes, failures, and compromises made to preserve historic ethnic communities.  As economic development, freeway construction, and gentrification continue to threaten Filipino sites of memory, we deemed it necessary to launch this oral history endeavor to ensure the history is not forgotten.

To view the previous oral history campaign conducted by the Welga Project, please click the following link.



Early 20th Century Filipino communities are constantly embattled with development and demolition threats. Potentially historic buildings associated with the Post-1965 immigration wave will soon meet the 50-year threshold to be evaluated for National Register for Historic Places criteria. To prevent the further destruction of Filipino historic sites of memory, the BCFS will provide resources for local community members to nominate important neighborhood buildings and structures for local, state, and federal historic registers.



The Bulosan Center plans to launch a yearly conference, starting with the inaugural conference in 2019. The conference strives to bring Filipinx American academics, activists, and community members together to present and discuss broad research topics including immigration and migration, resistance against patriarchal norms and forces within the Filipinx community, transnationalism, the politics and cultures of Filipinx communities, Queer and LGBT issues within the Filipinx community, issues of education and activism in regards to the Filipinx communities, health and health policy, Filipinx and Filipinx-American hxstories, narratives, and movements.

To learn more about the 2019 Research Conference, please click the following link.

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